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Visit Marchmont Park Alpacas

Marchmont Park Alpacas

In 2005 we established an alpaca breeding business on our property ‘Marchmont Park’ situated just 4 kms from Yass in southern New South Wales.

This area is highly suitable to raising alpacas with its cold winters and hot, dry summers. We breed initially for fleece density and uniformity, as well as for fineness, and our success in this regard is evident in show results gained in both animal and fleece categories since 2005.

As time went by, we also became extremely interested in alpaca fleece and the various products which could be produced.

We have been utilising our entire annual clip in production of wearing apparel, home wares and accessories as well as alpaca yarn and fleeces for spinning.

This has become our passion and led to the start of our own business selling high quality products made  from Australian alpaca fleeces.

Alpaca fibre is strong and light, enabling the production of extremely warm, light and supple clothing and the combination of lightness and near-perfect insulation properties ensure the highest quality and comfort in apparel, home wares and bedding.

We are committed to providing the ultimate in products with excellent service to our customers. Browse our website and surround yourself in luxury!

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